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New App created by Tri-City based programmers helps small businesses track customers

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RICHLAND, WA. -- If you work at or own a small business in our area., then you might want to know about a new app developed right here in the Tri-Cities has just been launched to help you.

It's called the Solo Connect app, and it can help you generate more profit for yourself and other local small businesses.

"Solo Connect allows businesses to locate and connect to one another to refer customers," Thomas Feduk, creator of Solo Connect said. "And then to track all those referrals and interactions. And so it acts like a digital rolodex of all your connections."

Thomas and Damen are excited to finally introduce their app called Solo Connect. The app helps small businesses organize information and even connect customers to other local shops.

"There's so much potential in this market," Feduk said. "Small business especially have really been overlooked so this app can fill in a lot of their needs, a lot of their communications and relationships and kind of allow them to build those mobile business communities."

The two young programmers have raised a quarter of a million dollars to write the thousands of lines of computer code and promote the app. It's taken them a full year of hard work to get to this point.

"We've been working about 15 to 16 hours a day, almost 7 days a week," Feduk said. "I take about a 4 or 5 hour break a week, literally."

That means a whole lot of typing, in this living room that doubles as an office space.

"Did you ever get sick of each other working so close together so much?" we asked.  "

"A little bit," Feduk responded with a laugh. "We hit different ends more than once but we definitely worked through it."

Both would tell you though, that all the hard work is now paying off.

"It's almost kind of like a dream moment where it still hasn't hit yet, because it's been so fast paced," Feduk said. "But it's definitely been by far, extremely exciting."

"I hope people recognize the potential for the application and how much it can help them in their life if they're using it for business specifically and that they can take it as far as they can go," Damen Bostic said. 

You can download the app for free in the Google Play or the Apple App Store today. 

You might wonder how the app makes money with that big quarter of a million dollars investment. The app can host payments. Whenever people use a credit card using the app, the app takes a small percentage off the top, just like every other transaction made. 

Thomas and Damen are hosting a free launch event Thursday at the Three Rivers Convention Center, if you want to learn more about Solo Connect.