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Kennewick Police seek suspect involved in boat theft at Clover Island Marina

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KENNEWICK, WA - A crazy story and one frustrating situation for a local boat owner after his boat and jet ski were stolen and then found crashed.

David Boderick got a call from the Coast Guard about his boat being stolen from the Clover Island Marina Friday morning.

The first thought that ran through his mind was that it must have been a joke.

"You don't really expect to get a call that something this large has disappeared," said David.

David had been out on his boat Thursday night. He said that between docking it and sometime around midnight, the break-in happened.

"They ended up beaching it out on an island of rocks, then proceeded to take my jet ski off the swim deck and put it in the water to try and get away," David told us. 

But before taking off on the jet ski, the suspect managed to get on the CB radio and called the coast guard.

The coast guard responded, sending a helicopter to the scene.

Hours later, the Port of Kennewick security found the suspect and turned him over the coast guard.

"They transported him to Lourdes Urgent Center. The male declined medical attention and then took off on foot," said Deputy Mark Boyer with Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

David said he's looking at thousands of dollars in mostly mechanical damage, and told us while the damage is done, he hopes this incident will prompt the port to increase security at the marina.

"There's millions of dollars in boats down there that people pay a monthly boating mortgage for, and it doesn't make you feel very protected," David said.

 Kennewick Police are looking for the suspect right now: he's a white male, with thin and balding hair. He was last seen wearing a grey t-shirt and khaki pants and is about six feet tall. If you know of anyone who fits this description, call the Kennewick Police Department.

The Port of Kennewick told us that since the incident, they've reached out to all the boat owners at the Clover Island Marina, urging them to report any suspicious activity.