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Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility safely stores nuclear waste

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RICHLAND.-- Today, the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility, or ERDF, celebrated its 20th year of of environmental cleanup! Simply put, ERDF is a giant hole in the wall- a specially lined landfill. However, ERDF is certainly not a simple mechanism. It's an essential part of Hanford's operation as a local place to store low-level radioactive waste, that could otherwise possible seep into Hanford's River Corridor. 

To further explain ERDF's importance, let's break it down in numbers. 

- The 10 cells of storage take up 107 acres of space. That's the equivalent of 52 football fields!

- The cells are also 70 feet deep, allowing them to store the current total of about 18,000,000 TONS of radioactive waste. 

- This material can be dangerous, so safety is key! As of now, Hanford has had 3.5 years without its workers missing a day due to a workplace injury. When you multiply that times the number of workers, it comes out to about 7,000,000 hours injury free. 

- The waste that goes into the ERDF cells has to get there somehow, right? ERDF truck drivers have logged 30 million miles of driving so far- that's enough to circle the Earth 1,200 times!