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City workers beat the heat with special items and precautions

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YAKIMA, WA - If you've been wondering how city crews beat the heat while working on construction projects around Yakima, the answer is precaution.

If you drove through Yakima on Tuesday, you may have noticed one of the many city crews working in the nearly 100-degree heat. City workers are taking certain measures to continue their work and stay safe in this heat, and are provided with certain items to stay cool.

Some of these items are shirts and bandanas that wick away sweat, electrolyte packets and popsicles to stay hydrated, and also shade. 

In addition, there are also certain L&I regulations in place that workers and employers must follow.

"L&I regulations require that there is a certain amount of drinking water available to workers who work outside in the heat, they also need to have access to care if they happen to be injured in some way as a result of the heat," said Randy Beehler, Yakima City Spokesman.

Beehler said that other safety precautions include not working during the hottest time of the day. He also adds that street repair supervisors rotate workers between cars. 

In some cases when temperatures are over 100, certain road projects are shut down.