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Smoke from fires may pose serious health risks

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YAKIMA, WA - All of the fires across the countryside may be frightening, but the effect they have on the air quality is even more so.

Many have already been affected by the smoke and smog that the fires are creating in eastern Washington. One of our reporters spoke with Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency's Executive Division Supervisor Mark Edler today.

"We're seeing elevated levels in Yakima at this hour and lowering levels in the lower valley," Edler informed us. "It's really hard to predict whether it's going to increase or decrease."

Edler says your best bet with determining if you are safe from smoke is to use your eyes and your nose and trust yourself, which is exactly what one couple, who live right off state route 24, did on Saturday. They told us that the smoke was so bad they had to go stay in a hotel for a few days.

"Smoke in general causes health affects, especially if it's elderly, children with under developed lungs, and pregnancies," Edler said.

Ultimately, if you feel you have been affected by this smoke, it's best to visit your doctor.

And if you haven't been affected by this smoke and want to make sure it stays that way, you can check out the link below for more information.