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Shaw & Sons Funeral Directors offers DNA crystallization procedure

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YAKIMA, WA - There's now a new way to keep a piece of your loved one's DNA after they've passed on, and it's being offered now at Shaw & Sons Funeral Directors in Yakima.

The process is very simple; they just take a small swab of the person's cheek and then send it to the CG lab in Ontario, Canada. It is then turned into a crystal form and put in a tiny bottle for the family members to keep.

Shaw & Sons manager, Kathy Birdwell, told our reporter that this is not only a way to keep your loved ones close, but something even bigger.

"Probably the most potentially impactful memorial that we've ever been able to offer because it could offer, potentially, health benefits for future generations. It could be used for genealogy. It could be use for legal manners, to establish paternity and paternity or sibling-ship," Birdwell told us.

Kathy said she had already had multiple people choose to do this; some were wanting it in case future generations carried a genetic disease, others were wanting it for legal reasons. Many people have just wanted the procedure in order to keep a little bit of their loved one with them.

If those who choose this procedure ever needed to use the DNA later, they can just send it back to the lab where they then transform the crystals back into a liquid form to be used for various reasons.

This procedure isn't just for those who have passed on; you can do it while you are alive as well, if you are interested in having a little piece of your own DNA.