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Ellensburg local stars on Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid"

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YAKIMA, WA - Ellensburg's own Don Nguyen has become a local celebrity after starring on an episode of Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid".

The show features various guests surviving in foreign areas of the world, where they must survive for approximately three weeks, all while being completely naked and on film the entire time.  

Our reporter met with Don in Yakima's Randall Park to discuss his experience on the show.

For Don Nguyen, the concept of survival is addicting.

"Being self-sufficient and managing to make your own despite all the hardships that lie there, I think that's a really American thing," Nguyen told us. 

He got the call last winter to be on the show, and although he wasn't quite ready, he did what any dedicated survivalist would do.

"I had been living in the, you know, modern day, digital, modern age and getting soft and weak," Nguyen admitted. He decided to toughen up before going on the show. "I was running around in the snow with moccasins on filled with thorns and gravel."

In just 20 short days, he was off to Namibia, Africa.

"After four or five days of travel, we finally get to the middle of nowhere and that's where the filming in going to start."

But it wasn't necessarily Africa that Don was scared of, it was being naked.

"The feeling of vulnerability and knowing that every single layer of defense in the modern system of survival and camping and outdoorsmanship is not there, and that's kind of scary," he admitted.

Don went through two partners during his time out there, and for the last two weeks he was completely alone.

"So there was the first big block, the second biggest block was that ability that I could've quit at any moment."

Despite his fears, Don persevered.

"Things are just how you perceive them, it's all about perspective. [I'm] very lucky just to be able to have this challenge and this experience."

If you would like to experience the outdoors with Don, you can head to Mount Rainier, where he is now a tour guide. Or if you would just like to follow his outdoor experiences, you can click on the link below to read his blog.