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Ozone levels tough on those with breathing problems

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KENNEWICK, WA.-- Right now in the Tri-Cities, the amount of ground-level ozone is rivaling that of Seattle. Scientists from Benton Clean Air and the Washington Department of Ecology who are monitoring the air noticed an even higher jump in the ozone level just a week ago.

Between that, the smoke from this past week's fires, and the dust that's kicked into the air every day, anyone with breathing problems should be especially careful if they plan to go outside.

"Last week was a little bit rough due to all the wild fires going on," said Kadlec Regional Medical Center doctor, Brent Crabtree. "We did see a fair number of people with worsening asthma symptoms that needed to come here to the emergency department or needed to see their medical providers."

While the effects of clouded air can be minimal for some, they can be devastating for others. Dr. Crabtree also said that if you do have asthma, emphysema, or any other breathing problems, make sure you are staying consistent with your medicine, and if you have one, don't be afraid to use your inhaler.