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When it comes to hiking, make sure you're fully prepared

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YAKIMA, WA - There have been several hiking mishaps this summer in the northwest, and some of them have been deadly.

Just last month, a 15-year-old boy spent a night alone in the woods near White Pass. Then yesterday, another woman had to be rescued from Mount Rainier. Our reporter Haley Gibbs looked into the situation and has information that can help prevent a similar thing from happening to you.

Cowiche Canyon is just one of many places in Washington with a great hiking trail, but with trails and mountains, it's best to make sure you're prepared.

"So we're looking at personal safety for yourself and preservation of the forest, so our kids can enjoy it and we can pass along the delight of the outdoors," Marty Lentch told us, a rescuer for Central Washington Mountain Rescue.

One way you can prepare for the worst is packing a backpack with the 10 essentials. Lentch informed us of a few important items to pack, such as extra clothing, extra food, water, some sun protection, and something to start a fire with. Bringing extra supplies with you could save your life.

"You've got to be able to signal yourself somewhere. Perhaps putting a pile of rocks a long the way or making a rock arrow," Lentch said when asked what actions to take upon realizing you're lost.

It is also always best to utilize the buddy system and to not go into the wilderness alone. When asked if this was a problem, Letch responded: "I have found that 43 percent of hikers in this area, are solo. That's a huge concern to me."

However, if you do decide to go alone, make sure you are able to communicate with someone at home and that someone knows where you are going, as well as when you will be back.

"You cannot depend on your cell phone."

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