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HOMETOWN PROUD: Taking you back in history at Fort Simcoe in White Swan

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WHITE SWAN, WA - When you step foot onto the rich green grass at Fort Simcoe, you are taken back to the 1850's. And back then, it was home to an army base in charge of maintaining peace between the settlers and the Indians.

After that, it was then turned over to the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1859 and some construction was done to the area, which is why some buildings are still standing while others aren't.

Like the guardhouse, it stands with a cannon still sitting right beside it, while other places like the barracks and hospital buildings are simply marked with a stone to note where they used to stand.

Anyone is welcome to come explore the park; it's only $10 for a discovery day pass. Group tours are also welcome, there is just a small additional fee you have to pay. And if you need to take a break to rest or have a picnic during your exploration, there are plenty of picnic tables for you and your friends to do so.

We also heard a rumor about people seeing a woman in the window of the commander's home. The tale is that she passed away during this military era, but continues to haunt the house. Reporter Haley Gibbs didn't get too close to the commander's house after hearing about that spooky tale.