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Family filing federal lawsuit against Pasco School District

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PASCO, WA.-- The family of a nine-year-old boy with autism filed a federal lawsuit against Pasco School District today after they say he was abused by one of his teachers. 

Ratree Albers, allegedly abused him in the classroom, leaving him physically bruised, and mentally scarred. Ms. Albers works at Robert Frost Elementary and is reported to have locked the child, who is terrified of the dark,  in a dark bathroom as punishment, as well as slamming him into one of the classroom tables.

The family tried to resolve things on their own, but when nothing moved forward, they decided it was time to file charges against the school district. What makes matters worse, however, is that Scott Johnson, the family's lawyer, believes there was enough reason to remove Ms. Albers from the school system prior to this incident. 

"In February of 2014 she was actually suspended for ten days because she was actually abusing other students," Johnson told KNDU, "But after that ten days she was let back into the classroom."

The child, again, is autistic, and has trouble communicating. On his own, he probably would not have been able report the alleged abuse. However, a teacher's aide from the his classroom called the boy's parents to say she saw the abuse herself.