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Mayor, assistant mayor of Yakima both step down at city council meeting

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YAKIMA, WA - The Mayor and Assistant Mayor of Yakima both stepped down last night, August 17th, at the City Council Meeting. 

A new mayor and assistant were decided on during the same meeting. Kathy Coffey was elected as the new mayor and Carmen Mendez was chosen for assistant mayor. These two nominations were not a surprise to the council.

"Well as I said before, it was discussed in executive committee and so I wasn't totally surprised," said Coffey.

Mayor Coffey said it was the best decision for the community.

"Our responsibility is for the city of Yakima, and we felt it was the best thing at this time to do as far as the management and growth of the city of Yakima."

However, when Mayor Coffey was asked why this is the best thing, it was simply unanswerable.

"Again, I can't tell you what everyone is thinking, nor can I tell you what she's thinking, so I'm trying to do the best I can as far as giving you my thoughts on it," Mayor Coffey admitted.

Her thoughts are on the future of Yakima, and that will not be changing.

"I think there's a misconception that, you know, things are going to be really different. We are together and we are working as a unit."

Reporter Haley Gibbs was unable to speak with council member Avina Gutierrez or council member Holly Cousens.