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Yakima homeless encampment update: location may be extended to November

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YAKIMA, WA - Originally, the homeless encampment in Yakima was only supposed to be at its current location - at the corner of East Walnut and South 3rd Street - until the 15th of this month.

But last night, the council decided to extend its stay, possibly until November. The reason for this decision was influenced by the fact that November is the month during which the winter shelters open.

The homeless vouchers, or as it is now known, the Master Leasing Project, has already started housing people. However, with only 30 to 35 units available, not everyone in the encampment will get a roof over their heads.

"For the time being, because there is already this infrastructure set up there with restrooms, sanitary wash stations, trash receptacles, the choice of the council was to keep it where it is for now," said city spokesman Randy Beehler.

In addition, the council looked at the possibility of moving the encampment to one of three other locations before deciding to extend its stay. That could change once Neighborhood Health is done placing people in temporary housing, and once the city determines how many people are left over.

Beehler also said that city staff is currently looking at ways to remedy certain issues, like a lack of restrooms and an increase in trash.