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Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue strives to ensure all big dogs have loving homes

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YAKIMA, WA - We all love the thought of having a new pet at home, but what happens when owners decide they can't care for their animal anymore?

Reporter Caitlin Medearis went and talked to an animal rescue group who takes on the responsibility when that happens.

Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Yakima that strives to save abandoned mastiffs and find them good homes.

The organization works entirely out of foster homes--no cages or kennels--and finds dogs of large breeds who have been left behind by owners who couldn't or wouldn't care for them.

The coordinator of the organization, Trisha Porter, says some big breeds are more susceptible to certain illnesses, which is a reason many are abandoned and need rescue.

They are also put in situations that leave them in conditions only a mastiff rescue team can handle.

"We do a lot of dog fight seizes," Porter says. "A lot of times, you'll see people that will steal dogs out of people's backyards and then use them to train other dogs to fight with, and those dogs are just discarded and left for dead. A lot of shelters don't have the funds that they need to be able to save dogs like that, and those are the dogs that we need to help."

A dog with one of these problems was Bella, a five-year-old bloodhound with epilepsy, whose owners left her at a kennel when they moved out of town.

"[We] got her home, she was horribly malnourished, she was scared of everything. She had never really been given attention, she didn't even know how to come to you for affection," Porter explains.

Porter and her team want you to know if you feel like you're having trouble handling your mastiff, call them and let them help you find a trainer--they will even help pay for resources if finances are an issue.

The rescue team says these dogs become great pets, because they know how to appreciate good situations.

For more information on adopting or on getting help with your dog, you check out Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue's website at www.risingphoenixmastiffrescue.com, or head to their Facebook page.