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Richland police retrieve explosive device near Chief Joseph Middle School

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RICHLAND, WA - Richland police received word this morning of a possible explosive device near Chief Joseph Middle School in Richland. A maintenance worker found two explosive devices under a tree near the baseball field.

The school was placed on lock down for a short time until police safely retrieved the explosive device and began to work on detonating it in a safe location within a total containment vessel. When the two devices were found, one had already exploded. The second one was put into the TCV and contained. Captain Mike Cobb told us, "the total containment vessel is a device that if the device should detonate it detonates in a control and safe manner the plan is right now they take the robot put it in the back of the TCV now transport it out to our range and detonate it out there". 

Both Richland Captain Mike Cobb and Chief Joseph Middle School assured everyone that everyone is safe as the lock down was lifted. They actually train for situations like these so when it happened they followed procedure and got everything under control safely and quickly. 

The investigation process is just beginning as they look into how it was made, what it was made of and who put them there. Captain Cobb told us, "where some of the explosion some of the fire came out and it's this black residue that is carbon and paper and so that actually is indicative wasn't dry ice bomb, wasn't caused by a chemical, it was something that burned very quickly".

Reporter Mackenzie Maynard spoke with Captain Mike Cobb the following day, and he told her that they now know that the two explosive deices were repackaged fireworks. Captain Cobb said that whoever made them took the parts out of the container and put them in cardboard tubes wrapped in duct tape.

The day of the discovery, Captain Cobb took a close look at a piece of what was left from the device that already detonated.

Right now they don't have any suspects, but they may submit the evidence at a federal level further down the line in their investigation.