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Former roommate of anarchist Melvin Neifert says he felt him "mentally slipping away"

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YAKIMA, WA - Today, reporter Haley Gibbs spoke with self-proclaimed anarchist Melvin Neifert's former roommate, Anthony Santos. 

Neifert was arrested several weeks ago by the FBI, and was charged with receiving an explosive.

Santos had moved out of Neifert's home in Selah just one week before it was raided by the FBI. Santos shared a couple documents with us, which stated that the FBI had seized three items, two of them being homemade smoke bombs and the other being explosive materials.

Santos says he doesn't believe Neifert had any intention of creating a fatal bomb of any sort, only smoke bombs, and those were typically unsuccessful.

Later in August when Neifert was arrested in Yakima, he was actually living with Santos. Although Santos says he is part of the anarchy, he felt that this was always Neifert's fate.

"I saw it coming and I warned him years ago. I told him that if he kept continuing the way he was that I knew for a fact," said Santos. "I told him several times in different conversations where I would look at him and say, dude, I just know I'm going to end up watching you go to jail or end up dead." 

Santos says he feels this fate was inevitable because of Neifert's passion for the anarchy, but also because of the mental instability that started spiraling down earlier this year.

He says he could feel Neifert mentally slipping away in May. Santos wants to make it known that Neifert needs help. Because of this, he feels that Neifert doesn't need prison time, he just needs a mental health professional and a long break from the internet.

We do not have information on when Neifert's next court appearance will be, but we will keep you updated with any new information.