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Over 100 cars already pulled over for speeding in Richland school zones

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RICHLAND, WA.-- Students have hardly been in class for two weeks, and, already, Richland Officers have pulled over 145 cars speeding in Richland school zones.

Officers told KNDU that, for the first two weeks of school, they're a little more lenient with people speeding in those school zones, giving them warnings instead of tickets. Most times, people will forget those school zones are active again. 
     However, once those two weeks are up, any unsafe driving in school zones will definitely land you a ticket. 
Officers say that while they've seen people on their phones, or ignoring the warning signs around them, the majority of school-zone-speeders is made up of people who are simply running late. 

"What usually happens is people running late for work," said Officer Edwards, of Richland's Traffic Unit, "We have parents that have kids at multiple different schools, and they're running behind trying to get them to all the different schools."

So, if you find yourself running late a lot, it's a good idea to start leaving the house a few minutes early.

If that's not persuasive enough, Officer Edwards also said that school-zone speeding tickets run a lot higher than a standard speeding ticket. 
     For example, going one-to-five miles an hour over the speed limit will normally land you a $136 ticket. But if you go that fast in a school zone, your ticket will be $214... and you'll have to pay it in full.

Of course, the faster you go, the bigger the ticket. So, drive safely, or you, and your wallet, could face the consequences.