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Alliance for Gun Responsibility seeks signatures and support for Initiative 1491

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YAKIMA, WA - The Alliance for Gun Responsibility made their way to Yakima today for their Yes On Initiative 1491 campaign tour.

The group had different people speak about their support for the initiative, including local leaders.

They want people to say yes to initiative 1491.

"We work with communities, survivors, and exports to develop, implement, and some times campaign for data-driven gun sense laws," said Stephanie Ervin, Say Yes to Initiative 1491 campaign manager.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility made a stop in Yakima to inform the community about extreme risk protection orders.

Their gathering place? The Money Tree where, earlier this year, two employees were shot and killed.

But what exactly does the initiative want to do? 

"Initiative 1491 builds on Washington state's existing protection order system that keeps guns out of the most dangerous hands," said Ervin.

Dangerous hands, for example, belonging to people convicted of felonies, domestic abusers, and people who pose a serious threat to themselves or others.

For Marilyn Balcerak, a citizen sponsor, the initiative means a lot...because her autistic son who had a gun killed her daughter and himself.

"I knew that he was in crisis, I did everything I could to keep him from getting a gun," said Balcerak. "I even went to the police twice. He killed himself and his step-sister and I was powerless to stop it."

The initiative would allow families and law enforcement to petition a judge to suspend a person's access to firearms. Both sides would be able to present evidence, and if given, the suspension period would last a year. 

"This is a tool to temporarily take away their ability to buy a gun, and if they have one, to temporarily remove them from a crisis situation," said Balcerak.

In order to get the initiative on the November ballot, the group has to get more than 340,000 signatures.

But it's up to the people of Washington to decide if this is what they want for their state.