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Pray For a Cop: A new way to show appreciation for police officers

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GRANDVIEW, WA - The Grandview Police Department is providing a new way that people can show their appreciation and support for police officers: it's called Pray For A Cop.

"We wanted to come up with a program where those people who protect us all, law enforcement, could be protected themselves through prayer," said Grandview Police Chief Kal Fuller.

Fuller says many people want to show their appreciation by sending or purchasing gifts, like a cup of coffee.

"Sometimes people were trying to bring things to the PD to say thank you to us, and there is a certain problem with that; officers can't except gifts from the public," said Fuller.

This is why Pray For a Cop is a good idea.

The way it works is simple: the three participating departments - Grandview, Sunnyside and Prosser, and the Yakima County Sheriff's Office - will send a flyer to a church or local organization with the names and pictures of the employees who work at each department.

They then have the option of praying either for the department as a whole or for each individual, or however they want to work it locally, they can do that," said Fuller.

Fuller says that each agency will be sending out information a little bit differently.

He adds that even though this helps people show their appreciation, it's even more helpful for the officers.

"The statistics for law enforcement suicide, for law enforcement divorce rates are far above the national averages. That prayer support of the local churches is there to directly help the officer," said Fuller.

If any person, community group, or church wants to take part in this program, they can get more information by contacting the Grandview Police Department.