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Kratom reclassification: a loyal user's point of view

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KENNEWICK, WA - Some people are becoming very concerned with the impending reclassification of the drug Kratom, which will be classified as a Schedule One drug on September 30th.

Reporter Rex Carlin spoke with Zachary Covert from Orlando, Florida, on the subject.

Covert says he suffers from acute anxiety and added that for various reasons, none of the medications prescribed to patients with acute anxiety seemed to work for him. This is why he turned to Kratom, which he says is working well.

Compared to other stronger and more dangerous prescription drugs, Covert told us that Kratom can help people with a variety of needs, and is sometimes used by addicts to work themselves off opioid addiction.

For his increasing anxiety issues, Covert says Kratom is almost a last resort.

"I tried nearly every medication there was available, and most of the medications they use for long-term anxiety treatments are actually anti-depressants. None of them worked," Covert admitted. "They had an adverse effect. I did not like the way I felt on them at all, so I did not last long on those."

Covert says he's very concerned about the DEA's decision to list Kratom as a Schedule One drug, because that act will not only make it illegal to possess, but it will also prevent medical and scientific research from being conducted with the product.

However, Covert doesn't expect Kratom to completely go away once it becomes illegal, because he says people have always found ways to access all of the other drugs on the Schedule One list, and therefore, Kratom won't be any different.