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Months have passed; Fred Redmond Bridge body remains unidentified

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YAKIMA, WA - It was mid-July when the Yakima County Sheriff's Office got a call about a body near I-82, and when they arrived on scene, they determined the body to be unidentifiable.

Over two months ago at the scene on July 15th, right in the middle of Fred Redmond Bridge, Detective Mike Russell reached out to the public for any information.

"Anybody that might've seen a vehicle stopped on the Fred Redmond bridge at any time during the night, please give the sheriff's office a call and let us know," Russell said.

Unfortunately, however, they've had no luck with the case.

"We've gotten many calls from the public wondering if it might be their loved one," Russell told reporter Haley Gibbs. "But for this reason or that reason, it has not worked out that this has been somebody that we've been able to identify."

Although it's been months, they are still working hard to figure it out. The Yakima County Coroner is working with an anthropologist here in Washington to reconstruct the person's face, and Sheriffs are hopeful that when that is done, they will have a better chance at identifying the person.

"That's our greatest frustration, is there are people out there who are looking for a loved one that we have that we cannot yet link up," admitted Russell. "So we're hopeful in time that we will be able to...but for right now, this continues to be a challenging case."