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Crowd Management Staff keeps WA State Fair-goers safe

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YAKIMA, WA - If you've been to the Central Washington State Fair already, odds are you've seen the people in the navy blue polos patrolling the area. These people are the Crowd Management Staff.

Whether you're in or outside of the Central Washington State Fairgrounds, the Crowd Management Staff team, or CMS, is ensuring that everyone stays safe.

"Basically it is all public safety," said Randy Scott, CMS Senior Vice President. "The utmost is to make sure we provide a family with a safe environment for everybody to come out and have a good time."

Their work starts at the gate where they check peoples' bags to make sure nothing dangerous is let inside the grounds.

Inside, the fairgrounds are split into grids, and each member of the team is in charge of patrolling one.

In addition, more security staff patrol the grounds as it gets darker.

Scott says that coordinating his staff properly takes months.  

"We start months out front of this," Scott said, "planning and putting together what we feel is the best process so that people can come here and enjoy their day."

Scott says one of the things that security does deal with a lot is lost children, which are taken to the Lost Tots area.

"By the time that someone brings them up here we already have the parents, or by the time the parents are here somebody is calling in and saying I have the child and we are on our way," said Scott.

All members of the security team are full-time employees with CMS, who not only provide their services in Yakima but all over the Pacific Northwest.

And while security and safety is their main concern, ensuring people have fun at the fair is just as important.