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YFD's historical preservation of the Capitol Theater is on display inside

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YAKIMA, WA - As a contribution to the long and impressive history that the Yakima Fire Department holds, a local firefighter made a documentary.

Reporter Haley Gibbs managed to speak with the firefighter, and learned that many of the buildings seen today are ones that wouldn't be standing without the Yakima Fire Department.

From the county courthouse to the Union Gospel Mission and more, Yakima has definitely had its fair share of fires throughout history. But since then, most of these organizations have moved buildings or the buildings have been turned into something else.

But this does not include the Capitol Theater, which was one of the most prominent fires in the history of Yakima. The fire happened in 1975, just after the city had purchased the building. Two firefighters barely escaped as the roof collapsed underneath them mere seconds after they jumped back onto the rig.

Unfortunately, one firefighter was below the roof, and when it came tumbling down, it paralyzed him from the waist down and left him and the theater in shambles.

But today, when you visit the same building, you would never know that such tragedies had happened there.

"They were actually able to commission the artist that did all the work up in the roof, the initial artist, they were able to get him to come back and redo the whole interior of the roof," said Jeff Pfaff, PIO for the Yakima Fire Department. "It virtually gathered the whole inside of the building and because it is such an old building and the risk of collapse, it was very difficult for the guys to be inside."

And in honor of this historical fight, the Capitol Theater actually has a showcase of pictures from that night, along with a timeline of their renovations afterwards, to show off the history that the Yakima Fire Department fought to preserve back in 1975.

Now, the fire department obviously fought a lot of fires throughout history, but they were also known for a lot more than that.