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Traumatic brain injury survivor shares his story

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PASCO, WA - It's been a little more than a year since a brutal assault left a Pasco husband and father in a coma, and he's still dealing with the after-effects of a traumatic brain injury.

Now, he's set to speak about his TBI and recovery process tomorrow in Richland.

Sean McClintock was riding his skateboard along Road 44 last September when witnesses say a car honked at him and someone yanked him off his board.

McClintock says life is improving every day for him, and he considers himself lucky to even be alive, and he wants to share his experiences with others who would like to hear more about some of the effects of a traumatic brain injury.

McClintock acknowledges that in some ways, his life will never be the same again, and he says one of those changes includes the considerable emotional swings he now has post-injury...but he's embracing these changes.

He says life is starting to normalize for him once again, although some of his hobbies have had to change since he sustained his TBI.

"There's things that never will be the same that I've moved past, and am moving on to new things that are more applicable to my life," McClintock said.

McClintock no longer participates in sports and activities that could results in him sustaining another head injury, such as flag football, and is now turning to activities like yoga that he says he never would have had patience for before his injury.

He plans on taking this way of life one step at a time as he adjusts to this new normal.