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Man arrested for abusing 911

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KENNEWICK, WA.-- In case of an emergency call 911 immediately. We've all heard that phrase used over and over, and it's important for anyone who is actually in trouble.

Aaron Pogue, a Kennewick man, wasn't in trouble when he called 911 Sunday morning, but now, he's facing some serious consequences. Pogue called dispatch reporting that his house had been robbed. When officers weren't there within seconds, he called the emergency number again, and again. 

He began yelling and swearing at dispatchers, asking for their supervisors to report them, then rambled off into complaints about the current presidential election.

When officers finally got to Pogue's house, they found out that there actually was no robbery, and that Pogue was drunk. Those officers however, were mainly concerned for the people who fielded the abusive phone calls. 

"It's more a concern for dispatch," said Sgt. Dronen, of the Kennewick Police Department. "They work really hard to get the calls dispatched in a quick manner. They do a great job! They have do deal with this regularly. this person pushed it to the limit."

Pogue was arrested for misusing 911, and for having brass knuckles on him at the time of his arrest. 

Officers want you never to hesitate to call 911 in the time of an emergency. But, make sure the situation really is an emergency. You could be delaying a call from someone who needs the police immediately.