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Disturbing KKK pamphlets found in Ellensburg

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ELLENSBURG, WA - Not too long ago, three different police reports were filed in Ellensburg about flyers in their driveways containing information about joining the Ku Klux Klan.

Reporter Haley Gibbs spoke with the city of Ellensburg and Ellensburg Police Department today and learned that these flyers and pamphlets were in small Ziploc bags with rocks and were distributed to various locations in Ellensburg. When residents opened the bags to see what the papers said, they were shocked.

This caused at least three police reports. Now, unfortunately, police say that technically no laws were broken and the only thing they would be able to charge the distributor with would be something like littering. But even then, they do not have any suspects or leads on this case and are just hoping it was a one-time deal.

The city of Ellensburg feels the same way, hoping that the shocked reaction of residents just shows that this is not a community that is okay with racism or discrimination of any kind.

"What we're going to do is what we always do, we are going to support the values of diversity and equality," said Margaret Reich, who works for the city. "We do believe in free speech, that's one of our nation's founding pillars, but this sort of speech is not acceptable in this community."

The city and the police department both say that the flyers were dropped off at seemingly isolated locations and that it could've been just someone who was passing through, because this isn't just an issue in Ellensburg but a national epidemic.

The city believes that this group originates somewhere in the eastern area of the country and that the flyers were created due to a drop in Klan members.

If this happens to you in your area, you are encouraged to contact police so they can become aware of the situation.