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Small businesses could face trouble concerning Initiative 1433

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YAKIMA, WA - Initiative 1433 is aiming to raise the minimum wage, which could be good for some but not others. One of these others includes Yakima Bindery, who say that raising the minimum wage could hurt them.

Pres Tuesley is the president of Yakima Bindery, located in downtown Yakima. His store is the only office supply specialty store in town, and they sell everything from paint to postcards.

The store has been in Yakima for 112 years, but that could change if Initiative 1433 passes this November.

"It's going to make it tougher for our businesses, to be honest with you, that would make huge increase in our payroll that we would be looking at laying off people," said Tuesley.

Initiative 1433 aims to raise the minimum wage from $9.47 to $13.50. If passed, the first increase would be seen next year with the minimum wage jumping to $11 an hour, followed by a 50 cent increase the next two years, and finally to $13.50 by the year 2020.

"It's about a 40% increase from where it is now, that's a huge increase for anybody," said Tuesley, "so it's going to be kind of one of those winners and losers situations. For the people who still have jobs it will be fine, the other people are going to be unemployed."

Tuesley says he's already in a very competitive business going against big retail and online stores, and raising the minimum wage would only make business harder.

"It is really tough to say where I could raise prices, I certainly could not raise them enough to cover the difference of payroll cost this initiative would cost," said Tuesley.

Come November, the decision is up to Washingtonians, and they will have to answer the question: to raise or not to raise?