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Support a WSU research project by capturing stink bugs

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YAKIMA, WA - If you see a stink bug in your house, you should pack it up and bring it to your local Washington State University Extension. Researchers want you to put the little critters in something like an old pill bottle for a research project.

Reporter Haley Gibbs learned that if you kill the bugs too, that's okay, the researchers will take them. It's all part of a project to help prevent crop damage in the future.

Although they'll take any type of stink bug, they truly want the brown marmorated one, which currently like to feed on plant leaves. But over in Ohio, this species of stink bugs have also been known to feed on veggies and fruits. This is something that thankfully hasn't happened here yet, but it could, and the researchers want to do everything they can to prevent that from happening.

They're looking to the community to help out because as the nights get cooler, the stink bugs look for a nice warm place to hide, and a lot of times that place is the inside of your cozy home.

"They're unwelcome guests right now, which makes them a nuisance pest at this moment," said Mike Bush with Washington State University Extension Center. "But what we're really concerned about is we may see them become pests in various agricultural commodities."

The one they are looking for specifically has little white dots on its antennas.

If you see any type of bug that resembles one of these stink bugs, you can either freeze it and mail it in, or drop it off to your local WSU extension.

And don't forget that their name "stink bug" does stand true, so be sure to plug your nose while you capture or kill them.