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Preparing for winter with the Kennewick Irrigation District

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KENNEWICK, WA - It's that time of year again where temperatures drop, and everyone needs to do a few things at home to get ready for the cold weather, including the Kennewick Irrigation District.

Reporter Mackenzie Maynard went with a crew this morning to learn what KID does to prepare for the winter season.

It starts early in the morning and last for several weeks, winterizing their systems. The first stop of the day - a canal, and one of many.

"The canal system needs to be drained and winterized," says Jason McShane with the Kennewick Irrigation District. "So it takes our crews several weeks to go through, open valves, and allow that water to drain out."

After opening the valve, they watch the water start to drain. Of course, their systems are on a much bigger scale than our sprinkler systems at home. Depending on the system, it could take up to two weeks to drain completely.

"Depending on how big the system is, smaller systems in a day, and some can take up to two weeks to get the system drained," McShane says.

KID does not help blow out personal sprinkler systems, but they do have some advice for you at home when the time comes this season.

"Only open it half the way," says McShane. "Don't close it all the way or open it all the way because it can crack the valve when it freezes."

If you need help blowing out your sprinkler system, they suggest contacting a local landscaper to get the job done.