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Breaking down the ballot- a look at voting in Washington

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KENNEWICK, WA.-- Donald Trump has made no secret of how he views the voting system, saying multiple times that it's a "rigged" system. So, Monday, we went to find out what goes into casting a vote in the state of Washington. 

First, we spoke with Brenda Chilton, the Benton County Auditor, who told us that the Secretary of State, the State Legislature, and the Department of Homeland Security have all worked together to keep your ballots from being tampered with. 

Washington is one of just three states that uses the "mail-only" system. That means that registered voters get their ballots in the mail, and can either mail them back after filling them out, or turn them in at a local ballot box.

Franklin County Auditor, Matt Beaton told KNDU he believes the mail-only system has the most integrity, because it's compact, and holds greater accountability. 

He also said that the there are systems in place to even guard against people from further away trying to cause trouble through the internet. 

"People worry about the computer hacking and whatnot," Matt said, "Behind us we have our tabulating machines, which are not connected to the internet. So they are a closed loop."

If that's not enough, everything that happens in the elections offices is recorded on security cameras. 

So, voters, hopefully that gives you peace of mind.