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Fire prevention tips to keep you and your family safe this Halloween

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As Halloween approaches, the risk of fire increases too.

Jeff Pfaff, PIO and Fire Prevention and Education Caption with the Yakima Fire Department has some tips for families regarding Halloween festivities to avoid potential fire hazards.

"For generations, families have celebrated Halloween by carving pumpkins and setting a candle inside to light up the night. As people get more creative in their decorations, the higher the risk of fire when using live fire or candles in your decorations. Most will set up their decorations with combustible materials near the candles, light the candle and walk away, which can result in a fire causing damage to your home, burns to you or your family and potentially even death.

"To eliminate the risk of fire, we recommend using the battery operated tea lights, solar powered lights, glow sticks, or low-voltage landscape lights as a part of the Halloween celebration.

"Keep all dried flowers, corn stalks, and hay bales away from any burning materials as they burn hot and fast with rapid fire spread.

"When choosing a costume for you or your children, we recommend:
• Staying away from long trailing fabric, spider web type materials near the face, anything that is a fine or tattered fabric can ignite fast and cause life threatening burns.
• If you are going to wear a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough for you to see out and there are no sharp edges that are cut near the eye which can result in an eye injury."

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