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Local law enforcement offer Halloween safety tips

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Kennewick, WA - Halloween is on Monday, people are getting in the spirit, dressing up for parties, or have some candy bowls out around the house.   During this season, we throw the general rules out the window.  On Halloween, we let kids talk to strangers, walk through streets, and take candy from strangers. That is why local law enforcement is reminding you to be extra vigilant.

"First of all, if you're sending your kids out, never leave them alone; number two, remember the streets are dark, so if you're a motorist, be aware kids could dart out between cars, take extra time...and third, be aware of who you're sending your kids up to the door, really try and go to neighborhoods your familiar with," said Sgt. Ken Lattin, with Kennewick Police Department.

Parents, are also advised to take flashlights or reflectors to help you and your trick-or-treaters be seen, and look out for cars.  If trick-or-treating through the streets isn't for you, you also have options are going to one of the many public Halloween events that will be going on around town and no matter what, always remember to check your kids candy, make sure they're sealed, and only take homemade goodies from people you know.

Other important safety tips to remember are keeping your home safe, decorating appropriately, inside and out.  Where and what kind of decorations you use will help you keep your valuables protected, from potential fire dangers.

From using actual candles, to overloading electrical sockets, you want to avoid increasing your danger risks, that apply to many things around the house, even costumes.

"You'd want to avoid costumes with long tails, to avoid tripping hazards, make sure the materials are fire resistant, and even masks, make sure the eye holes are big enough so kids can actually see out of them," said Fire Inspector Brian Ellis, with Kennewick Fire Department.

Picking the right costume can make all the difference, and again remember to keep your home fire safe by never placing too much decoration that it blocks your exits, get the appropriate electrical capabilities so that it wont overload electrical wiring, and use battery operated lights, to avoid any open flames.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, keep your loved ones close, and make the holiday a family event.