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Language error found in Spanish voter instruction pamphlets

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WASHINGTON - Voter instruction pamphlets have some people lost in translation.

Earlier this week, an error was found in the Spanish voter pamphlets issued by the Washington Secretary of State.

The error that we are talking about was made in the voting requirements section of these pamphlets, and what they did was give the wrong translation of the word "felony".

In the English instruction pamphlet, it's used in a line for voting requirements that reads: "Not under Department of Corrections supervision for a Washington State felony conviction."

That line was translated for the Spanish version and the word used for "felony" was "delito", which is not a specific term and can mean "sin", "offense", or "crime".

The error was discovered by the Green Party of Washington and they're asking that immediate action be taken to correct this mistake, and local organizations are also asking the same.

"Mis-translating is something that is not acceptable in our community, especially with the Latino community," said Mary Lopez, One America Votes Organizer, "and we know that the secretary of our state, she needs to apologize."

Organizations are not only asking for immediate correction but also a recall of the Spanish-only pamphlets.

The pamphlet error does affect Washington voters, specifically voters in Adam, Yakima, and Franklin counties, since each of those counties were issued their own edition. The online version of the pamphlet was taken down earlier today.