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Take the opportunity to get free money for college: apply for scholarships

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RICHLAND, WA - It's college application season right now, which can be confusing for students and their families.

But there are countless ways to help pay for college, like grants and scholarships.

There are over 700 scholarships available for Washington State University students and over 100 alone here at the Tri-Cities campus.

With just a little effort, getting a scholarship can be easy. We talked with Jordyn Wright, the student financial support advisor, to find out.

"You can get scholarships for wearing a duct tape dress to prom," said Wright. "You can get a scholarship for winning a competition, you can get a scholarship just for showing up to an event."

But here's the twist, it takes just one application to potentially be eligible for all of them. So why aren't some students taking advantage of free money?

"May be lazy," said David Zavala, a senior at WSU. "It does require work. It requires some going out of your way."

This is where the financial aid office decided to kick it up a notch.

"We have a lot of different initiatives going on," said Wright. "We send out communications to students regularly. It's on our admissions applications to apply for scholarships. We do word of mouth. We educate when we're in the high schools."