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Locals have mixed emotions following last night's election

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YAKIMA, WA - It's a new day and we have a new President elected to go along with it, but reactions to Donald Trump's election is mixed across the nation as well as across Washington. In Yakima, students at Yakima Valley College were vocal about the result.

"To be honest, I felt that we were given basically two bags of bad apples and you basically got to pick the one that was the less bruised," said Garth Mckinney, a YVC student.

A thought not only shared by Mckinney but by many across our nation, and one that helped elect Donald Trump as our new president.

Like in past elections, for some, it's a victory.

"I wasn't really certain about who could win," said YVC student Andrea Pettijohn. "Anyone could win, and I'm just really happy of the results last night."

But for others, it's a loss.

"I'm a bit disappointed in the results, you know," said YVC student Elegardo Serrano, "you always want it go the way you voted, but it's the voice of the people, the people decided to vote for Trump."

This left sides lost and still trying to understand one another.

"I'm really, really nervous," said Carl Watson, another student. "I don't know the reason why people liked Trump with how he always says what's on his mind, isn't exactly politically correct...but I don't know if that's going to make him a loose cannon."

While many don't know what exactly the future holds, students can hope that our newest president does as he said and tries to unite two different sides of the same coin.

"They only real way you are going to unite the country is if we get someone who can be more in the middle rather than be so far left or so far right," said Mckinney.

"I'm just really hoping that President Trump can bring us together," said Pettijohn.