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Tunes at Trios: the power of healing through music at a local hospital

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KENNEWICK, WA - Have you ever heard of the power of healing through music?

One local man believes in it, and brings his skills to the people at Trios hospital.

This man has a passion for music, and if you've ever been a patient or visitor at Trios hospital you have probably seen him around.

Dan Myers has been working with Trios hospital for over 18 years...but he doesn't have a typical hospital job.

"What I do is play music that soothes and takes people's minds off of their problems...and maybe takes them to a better places," says Myers.

And Myers doesn't just play the piano...he says he enjoys playing unusual instruments like the tank drum...or the tongue drum, an African thumb drum...and even native american flutes. He plays many unique sounds around the hospital, through the hallways, and in waiting rooms for all to hear.

"In a way, music is something you can't quite put into words and that's why there is music," says Myers. "It has a depth of reaching down somewhere inside of you where things are really bright."

For Myers, connecting people through music is his passion, and he says he's seen the power of healing through music.

"I observe it every week and I have for years seen it be extremely powerful for people," he says, "and they'll often say 'oh you made my day' or 'my father hadn't smiled', so it obviously is very powerful for people."

Myers says just seeing the happiness on people's faces makes what he does all worth it, and he feels he gets even more out of it than them.