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A look into holiday traveling at the Tri-Cities Airport

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PASCO, WA - Reporter Kristina Shalhoup went to the Tri-Cities airport earlier today to learn about how they handled the influx of travelers over the holiday weekend.

It's all too common: people running through the airport and scrambling to make a flight that'll take them home for the holidays. Travel can definitely be tough on passengers this time of year, but it turns out it can be tough on the people transporting us as well.

Luckily for the Tri-Cities airport, their biggest travel weekend yet went pretty well, even after a couple of bumps in the road.

"We experienced more passengers this weekend than we have....on record," said Ron Foraker, Director of Airports.

But now, after months of construction, the Tri-Cities Airport was able to give Thanksgiving a run for its money.

"A little bit of bumps, but overall it was really good," Foraker said.

One of those bumps came when one of the two X-ray machines in the airport broke right before Thanksgiving.

"You know, it's something that rarely, rarely happens," said Foraker, "and to have that happen at the Thanksgiving time frame is really rare, and there really isn't a quick fix."

Foraker said that luckily, despite the influx of passengers, having a small airport kept things in check.

"Well, you know, I think everyone preps for it," he said. "The airlines certainly do, and TSA does as well. And it's still a fairly easy airport to access."

Now, with Thanksgiving behind them, the airport staff can focus on getting the last of the new renovations ready to go for the next wave of holiday travel.

"It's very similar to Seattle's northwest, pacific northwest, where there's a lot of concessions, and all that window space. Ours is going to be a little bit smaller, but it's going to reflect that," said Foraker.

So passengers, despite what might seem like some pre-vacation chaos, you might have a little something extra to look forward to heading into the rest of the holiday season.

As Foraker said, the airport will be adding a wing for food and drinks as well as a viewing area, and even a play place for kids to tire themselves out before a flight.

While they might not be done quite on time for Christmas, the Tri-Cities Airport is expecting to start the new year off well, finishing up those final renovations in January of 2017.