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Keep a watchful eye on your belongings during shopping season

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YAKIMA, WA - As we go into this busy shopping season, it's important now more than ever to keep an eye on your personal belongings so you don't become a victim of theft.

That's a lesson a few people in the Yakima Valley learned the hard way after allegedly having purses and wallets stolen - all by the same person.

The person responsible for the thefts is Reylinda Liliana Alvarado, who is accused of stealing wallets and purses from more than ten victims in Yakima County while they were shopping or working.

The thefts go all the way back to mid September, with Alvarado either stealing or committing credit card fraud at the same stores: Fred Meyer, Walmart, and Macy's, to name a few.

But the theft didn't stop at purses and wallets...back in October, Alvarado attempted to steal money from a cash register at an RV dealership. Alvarado was arrested, and police discovered she was holding 27 cards and checks as well as a glass methamphetamine pipe.

Alvarado would later be released due to MRSA infection.

Officers with the Yakima Police Department say that these thefts could have been avoided had the victims kept a watchful eye on their belongings and had not left their purses on their shopping carts.

The most important thing that law enforcement recommends is that people not be so trusting that others will not take their items.

Alvarado is behind bars and facing charges of identity theft. Her bail is set at $50,000.