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Your sidewalk, your responsibility

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KENNEWICK, WA - By just walking in the snow it's easy to slip and fall, and even though the city takes care of the roads, did you know it's your responsibility to take care of the sidewalks?

When you're driving down the streets, you might notice some people walking along the road because the sidewalks are filled with snow. This is one of the many dangers that come from not clearing off walkways, and that's why city officials in the Tri-Cities and Yakima want people to know something important.

"Property owners do face a liability if someone can't access the sidewalk," said Evelyn Lusignan with the city of Kennewick, "and if they either get hurt trying to maneuver through the snow."

the sidewalk is considered an extension of your property, whether that be your home or business, and the city wants to help keep everyone safe.

"Like everything we do in the community, it's a partnership," said Lusignan. "And so it's a partnership with our residents, it's a partnership with our businesses, and we're out there putting our priorities to make sure our streets and pathways are clear."

And remember when you are clearing off the sidewalk in front of your property, do not throw it into the street because that will cause another mess. Be sure to pile it somewhere out of the way.

Each city official we spoke with says that owners do face fines for not clearing up their properties, but they would rather give a simple reminder of their responsibilities before going that route.