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Keep your pets calm through the new year festivities

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YAKIMA, WA - Many of us bring in the New Year with parties, music, and fireworks. But while it's fun for us, Annie Flores with the Yakima Humane Society says it's not quite the ideal celebration for pets.

"After the holidays we have a little bit higher traffic," said Flores. "Sometimes we think that maybe it's going to be slow, but it is constant traffic because people have lost their pet or it's gone missing."

During New Year's Eve, celebrations and loud noises can scare pets, make them anxious, and even cause them to run away. But there are ways that can be avoided.

"Keep your pets indoors, make sure that they are confined in a quiet and safe environment and that they will feel comfortable in if you are going to be going somebody else's house for a party," Flores said. "Leave your pet at home."

Besides keeping them indoors, you can also buy calming treats or sprays and even a thunder shirt, which can reduce noise anxiety.

Shawna Else, Manager at Pet Pantry, says that pet anxiety can be reduced by owners themselves staying calm.

"Keeping your composure and making sure that you are not throwing off these anxious vibes that might make your dog more anxious than the actual noises, that's pretty important," said Else.

If for some reason you do lose your pet, Flores recommends that people call and even visit the Humane Society on the first of January to check if it is there, because cold temperatures can be fatal to pets.

"They're going to try to look for cover," said Flores, "and if they can't find that, they could be exposed to really dangerous conditions and hypothermia is one of the scariest things that they could be exposed to."

To prevent your pet from a potentially harmful situation, all it takes is a little bit of time and care to make sure that you and your pets have a happy new year.