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Naches Valley Primary School selling everything on campus

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NACHES, WA - When you think of a school supply sale, you probably picture discounted items, binders, and backpacks, right?

Well, Naches Valley Primary School is having a different kind of sale. The district is trying to get rid of everything on campus, from desks to cabinets to swing sets.

"Pretty much, if it's not attached to the building, it's been for sale," said Dwayne Lyons, Superintendent of Naches Valley School District.

With the school buildings abandoned for a while now, and the new primary school built just outside of Naches, 63 years' worth of materials are now up for grabs.

Some of the school's chairs, wardrobes, and playground equipment have already been sold to local bidders during public sales events.

"At this point, it's kind of, make an offer, and we'll make you a good deal," Lyons said.

The materials are now going for very low prices...for example, the last wardrobe was sold for just $20, and chairs for just one or two bucks.

Many people who have stopped to check out the for-sale items are past students looking to snag some nostalgic school days memorabilia.

One local couple who attended Naches Valley spent hours remembering their time on campus.

"[They] told stories to each other, and anyone else who would listen, it was marvelous to watch," Lyons said. "And they did buy a flag and a clock from the last classroom they remembered."

If you're interested in picking up some items for yourself, you can contact the Naches Valley School District at 509-457-8592.