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Ben Franklin Transit provides a special kind of backup for police and fire crews

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KENNEWICK, WA - When it comes to battling blazes and fighting crime, local firefighters and law enforcement aren't left out in the cold - or the heat. A local company does their part to ensure that our hardworking responders have backup when they're facing the elements.

For a few years now, Ben Franklin Transit has actually been offering up their services by sending buses and even vans to properties where local law enforcement and fire crews are dealing with either hot or cold temperatures.

In the past, they've brought out buses for house fires, apartment fires, and even hostage situations in cases where there's a need for an air-conditioned space to cool the responders down; or, like today, a heated space to warm them up.

Reporter Mackenzie Maynard talked with Kurt Workman, the Ben Franklin Transit Senior Communications Specialist, and he told her that there's no time limit on how long they'll stay out there for responders.

"It's been several hours," Workman said. "A few years ago, we've had one out there for most of the day. The latest ones have only lasted several hours."

The way it works is that police or fire crews across the Tri-Cities will call Ben Franklin Transit dispatch and they'll send a bus or van to the scene. It's a wonderful way to see how the community works together.