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Snow hero too kind: retired snowplow driver clears neighborhood sidewalks

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RICHLAND, WA - Earlier today on Facebook we asked viewers to comment on a post and tell us who their snow heroes are. Multiple people were quick to say that Mike Steen, a Richland resident, has made this winter a whole lot easier for them.

Reporter Kristina Shalhoup spoke with Steen today about his good deeds, and what makes him so happy to help out.

Today on Stevens Drive in Richland, residents woke up to find the sidewalks outside their homes miraculously clean. This has been a phenomenon happening with every snowy spell we've seen this winter.

"You know, the shock on their faces when they come out and see this pile in front of their driveway is a bit much," Steen said.

The solution to their snow issues has always been Mike Steen.

"It's kind of satisfying," Steen admitted. "You get done and you see the street nice and clean and you see a nice sidewalk for people to walk on."

Steen isn't new to snow removal.

"For 27 years I drove a snowplow, and I always felt bad whenever I left this big pile of snow in front of people's driveways and such," said Steen.

And even after all those years, he's still using his own time to help clean up after winter storms.

"After I retired, this gave me a chance to kind of give back a little bit."

After every snowy day, Steen has been going as far as he can, dressed in his winter best, cleaning off the sidewalks with his snowblower.

"I've gone all the way down to Jadwin one time, when they had that first big snow," admitted Steen.

And people have definitely been noticing his efforts.

"I've gotten hugs," he said. "A couple people wanted to tip me. A simple thank you is enough."

And for all of those people, and for us as well, he's just proof that not all heroes wear capes.