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Winter weather wreaking havoc on cars

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KENNEWICK, WA - Over the past few weeks, we've brought you stories about what to do to stay safe when you're driving in these wild winter weather conditions. Earlier today, we went inside of an auto shop and a windshield repair shop to learn more about what kinds of things they've been seeing.

Safelite Autoglass in Kennewick replaced and repaired 16 windshields in the shop today, which was considered a slow day.

"We see that fairly regularly, with as much plowing, dirt and sands that we see on the roads, we get a lot of rocks that are thrown," said Aaron Thrasher, Manager of Safelite Autoglass in Kennewick.

It's become a part of our daily routine: waking up a few minutes earlier to let your car defrost and scraping all of the ice off. However, there is one mistake you don't want to make.

"The one thing you absolutely do not want to do is put hot water or warm water on your window," said Thrasher.

Putting hot water on your windshield to melt the ice off can crack the glass, but your windshield isn't your only concern in the winter. A local tire repair shop told us a few common things they've been seeing this season.

"The past few weeks we've had a lot of customers coming in because they've had two to three pounds of ice in their wheel wells," said Kim Palmer, owner of Perfection Tire and Auto Repair.

A good way to know if that's the case, is if your steering wheel is shaking or you can hear the tire rubbing against the ice build up.

"If there is ice build up between the wheel rim and the tire, you'll get small leaks in your tires," said Palmer. "It's pretty common this time of the year. You need to winterize your car. You should be prepared for winter and summer just like you do your clothing. It's the same thing for your car."