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Caring for your car in these winter conditions

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KENNEWICK, WA - With the icy conditions we've had the past couple of days, do you ever wonder how it may be affecting your car?

It's been a cold past couple of weeks, and as you can imagine, car repair shops are staying busy during these dangerous driving conditions.

Reporter Crystal Garcia caught up with one local shop who told us they sold 1,200 snow tires last month alone, making a new record for them. They've also been seeing a lot of people coming in because they have ice built up in their wheel well, which isn't dangerous if you clear it out, but they did tell us about other risks to look out for.

"Ice buildup between the wheel rim and the tire, you will get small leaks in your tires," said Kim Palmer with Perfection Tire & Auto Repair. "It's pretty common this time of year."

Something else they've been seeing a lot of is people needing to get their car battery checked. Batteries can die faster than normal in cold temperatures.

So make sure you check on your car, clean out the ice, and stay safe out there.