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A look into the Pasco PD program "Coffee With A Cop"

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PASCO, WA - The Coffee With A Cop program in Pasco has been around for almost two years now. Tonight's event went from four to six at Collegium Cafe, and we sent reporter Mackenzie Allen there to find out what the police department has learned by talking with people in the community, and if they've made any changes because of the program.

Coffee With A Cop is a way for the community to connect with law enforcement in a casual setting. The police department just wrapped up another successful event, and Mackenzie Allen was there to speak with Sergeant Scott Warren. There were a few dozen people attending the event, getting to know the Pasco Police Department a little better.

And what exactly do law enforcement officers believe is the purpose of the program?

"It's just a way that, here at Pasco Police Department, local businesses and the community can get together in a low, kinda, just a nice, inviting environment," Sgt. Warren said. "It's not a traffic stop, it's not a call to your house to report something, it's just a low-key way to interact with the community, get to know us, we get to know them, and have fun."

What sort of feedback has Pasco Police Department been getting from the community in regards to the program?

"The feedback's great. We always get questions: 'When's the next one?' And we try to do it about every eight weeks and we move it throughout the city so we're covering the whole city, you know, from the east side to the west, the north to the south," said Sgt. Warren.

So, Sgt. Scott Warren, when is the next one, and has it been scheduled?

"No, not yet. We'll, you know, depending upon what goes on, we might, you know, the next one may be at the police department when we get into it, so, you know, it's just, another eight weeks, keep an eye on our Facebook, that's where we usually will post it first, and then, uh, the more the merrier."