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Trios Urgent eCare - virtual home doctor visits - is taking off

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03/29/17 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - Today, reporter Jaclyn Selesky got an update on how Trios' Urgent eCare - a service that lets you stay home and talk to a doctor - is going so far.

Doctor Wassim Khawandi with Trios told her today that the at-home eCare service has really taken off. This is how it works: at the convenience of your own home, or really wherever you are, you can call or FaceTime a physician who can help diagnose your simple ailments like rashes, colds, or allergies.

It's time- and cost-efficient, with the average wait time being 15 minutes and the cost being a $39 co-pay. It benefits both parties, because a physician may not be able to see you in a timely manner. With eCare, you can be transferred to someone else who is qualified to help you figure out what's wrong.

"It has been fantastic," said Dr. Khawandi. "The community response has actually been overwhelming even beyond what we projected for the response."

People have actually been pre-registering online for the service, just in case they need it for the future...that way all of their information is already on file.

And starting in May, patients insured under medicare are covered under Trios' Urgent eCare as long as they sign a waiver and pay the $39 co-pay.


KENNEWICK, WA - Have you ever needed a doctor but didn't have the time to go see one or maybe even just didn't want to leave the house? Now, Trios Health is making it easy. A new service goes live on Thursday, January 26th. It's called Trios Urgent eCare and it will let you stay at home and still talk with a doctor about minor afflictions.

"Trios Urgent eCare is a way that people can have access to a primary care provider 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Facebook, Skype or telephone for only $39 and within about 30 minutes," said Lisa Teske, Trios Health Marketing and Business Development Director.

To use the service once its live all you have to do is register, either online or by phone. It's for 'simple ailments' like rashes, colds, flu symptoms, pink eye. 

"There are times when we have something urgent and we want to see a physician, those things aren't open. What do you do? A lot of people will go to an ER which ends up costing a bit more. This is a way to work around that and get the care that you need," said Teske. 

If the doctors know within three minutes that you need an in-person visit, your Trios Urgent eCare visit will be free.

The service goes live Thursday, January 26th at 6 a.m.

Once live, you can access information and registration at the links below:
1-888-TRIOS-03 ( 1-888-874-6703 )