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Local hairdresser retires after 48 years

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RICHLAND, WA - Imagine doing the same job for nearly 50 years...one woman in Richland has been cutting hair for 48 years, and now she's hanging up her scissors.

Reporter Mackenzie Maynard sat down with Mary Lovelady today to find out how industry has changed over the years.

The sounds of a hair salon for many, has now become the soundtrack to her life. If you ask her how long she's been a hair stylist, she'll tell you she trimmed Noah's beard, but she actually graduated from beauty school in 1969.

"When I got out of beauty school curling irons didn't exist," said Lovelady. "That's how old I am."

So instead, each client had similar requests.

"Everybody had to have their hair set in rollers, sat in a dryer for a half hour to an hour, and then you backcombed the heck out of it and used a can of hairspray," said Lovelady.

A can of hairspray, in fact so much you'd only have to do your hair once a week.

"I had to stand on a stool to reach the top of my clients' heads," Lovelady said. "That's just the way it was back then."

Things have definitely changed over the years, and Mary has seen it firsthand.

"Over the years you see the same thing come back, like this is the third time."

In 48 years, her favorite hairstyle holds true: the marble rack.

"It flipped up and went from the bang all the way down the back, at that stage you used a can of hairspray per person and it was cemented in, and you could roll a marble down the runway," said Lovelady.

Along with hairstyles, other things inside the salons have changed as well, like the sinks. Instead, they just washed the hair at their station.

"So your client didn't have to move away from the styling chair to the shampoo bowl."

So the question that remains: what will the salon do without Mary Lovelady, the lady who loves hair?

"Well that's going to make me the oldest," said the salon owner. "For me, she's been that go-to girl, 'hey what do you think' or 'how should I handle this'."

The salon owner will certainly miss her joyful personality and amazing coloring technique.

Hairstyles, hair products, and hair stations may come and go, but the friendships Mary Lovelady has made with each of her hundreds of clients and the ladies she worked with will stay forever.

She's worked at six different salons and has been at Creations Spa and Salon for nine years. She also taught around the country for 17 years as a color educator with Matrix.