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National Wear Red Day and Women Physicians Day in Yakima

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YAKIMA, WA - To celebrate Women Physicians Day and National Wear Red Day, which aims to bring awareness to heart disease, reporter Caitlin Medearis met with Dr. Yami Cazola-Lancaster of Nourish Wellness.

A pediatrician, health and wellness coach, Dr. Yami says she is proud to be a woman in the medical field.

"I chose to go into pediatrics, which I think is one of the most female-friendly and family-friendly professions there is," she explains. "So, I'm very happy. I feel like I've had a very wonderful career so far in Yakima. I had six great years at Yakima Pediatrics, and now, I got the opportunity to start my own practice and I feel like I'm living the dream."

In regards to heart disease, the number one killer of women, Dr. Yami wants women and everyone in general to understand many people blame poor heart health on family history, but we actually have more control than we think.

"You can think of genes as weeds in our garden, and you can think of poor diet and lifestyle choices as fertilizer to that garden, to those weeds," Dr. Yami said. "So you can choose to do habits that are actually going to keep those weeds suppressed, or you can choose habits that are going to make those weeds proliferate."

Dr. Yami's top five tips for a healthy heart are: emphasizing whole plant foods in your diet, fun and regular exercise, a full night's sleep as often as possible, de-stressing activities, and regular connection with friends and family.

Dr. Yami also has plans to help Yakima work toward becoming a 'blue zone' - the term for an area with a high number of residents aged 100 and over - something she says is very possible for Yakima as long as we continue becoming more and more health-conscious.