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The aftermath of the Ahtanum Creek flooding

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YAKIMA, WA - As the weather slowly starts to warm up, there's already growing concern in one community about the snowpack that's melting.

North Fork Ahtanum Road is no longer flooding, but the destruction is extensive. In some spots, the slush was at least three feet high.

One man invited reporter Veronica Padilla onto his property to see just how bad things were.

"I'm afraid to see what it looks like when it all melts," said Bill Cagle, who lives along North Fork Ahtanum Creek. "Right there I had a beautiful little rockery and picnic bench."

The damage to Cagle's property is devastating. Not only did thick slush full of mud, branches, and ice destroy his foot bridge, it also took out the only pipe that provides fresh water to his home. The slush also smashed in the whole back end of a shop in his garage.

"I've never seen, and I've been out here for 14 years, I've never seen this much snow," he said.

Cagle was lucky. The slush didn't make it up to his home, but neighbors living nearby can't say the same thing. According to the Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management, two homes are a total loss because of extensive interior flooding and exterior damage caused by the slush flow. Other homes have minor flooding, and some private roads are still blocked by slush.

But the threat of flooding for those living along the North Fork Ahtanum Creek are far from over.

"Even when we've had just normal winters, I've been out here in the spring melt and it's a raging torrent of water that carries trees down it," Cagle said. "So with all this, it's going to be twice as bad. This isn't over yet...this is just the beginning."